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Creating a Managed User

A managed user is restricted from the Setup tab. They cannot change settings such as: enabling 2-step verification, changing the password, changing their signature, and more. Combine a managed user with a 0GB storage quota to create a restricted user that can only access folders shared to them.



1.      Go to the Users Tab and create a new user by clicking “Add” (requires email verification) or “Add username”. Alternatively, you can select a current user and continue on to step 3. image showing add user button
2.      If you’re creating a new user, fill in the login credentials. Follow our Username guidelines: here. Add user by username
3.      Select the username to open their settings and then scroll down to the options list to click “Manage user settings”. A managed user does not have access to their setup tab to edit their login credentials, signature, and more. Next, using the drop-down list, select “Full” access.


6.      Check “Add a storage quota” and set it to 0GB. This restricts the user from uploading files in their own workspace. Find out more: here. Then, click “Save”.


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