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Creating A Public Link

An Administrator or a User with access to storage can use the Send function located both on the Files tab and the Home tab to create a public link. You can use the public link to share files with 3rd parties through secure HTTPS. This is effective for use cases that need to bypass email limitations, distributing files and proposals or posting downloadable links on your website.


1. Login and click on the Send button located on the right for the pop-up window to appear. Then checkmark the Create a public link option.
You do not need to place any recipients, subjects, or messages unless you would like to leave information for your records.

2. Browse your files in your FTP site (clicking on the Files button) or in your local device (clicking on the Choose files/browse… button) and upload the files.

3. Now your new public link event should appear in your Home tab event list for you to click and manage it at anytime.

4. You can download, forward, reply, delete the event. Or click on Options to activate/deactivate the public URL. Copy the URL in the window and share it with any recipients to provide access to your uploaded files.
You can select Override automatic cleanup if you want to change the default cleanup of 14 days.

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