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Cyberduck Tutorial – Bookmarks, Editing and using Multiple Connections

Cyberduck Tutorial – Bookmarks, editing and using multiple connections

In the third part of our Cyberduck tutorial, learn to use the bookmark feature, edit files in cyberduck and open multiple connections simultaneously to different servers.

How to Bookmark a folder

Bookmarking a folder allows to use a shortcut to connect to a specific folder path. Typically, bookmarks are used to quickly access a folder frequently used in your business operations. To learn how to use the bookmark feature, follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate and highlight the folder you would like to bookmark.
  2. Go to the bookmark tab on the toolbar located at the top of the Cyberduck interface and click New Bookmark.
  3. In the bookmark screen, fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Additionally, you can even pair a download directory (local site) to your bookmark.

How to edit a file in Cyberduck

Edit a file directly inside Cyberduck and have it automatically update once you save the changes. To edit a file in Cyberduck, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select a file you want to update, right click it and choose edit with. Choose the appropriate editing program.
    If you can’t find the necessary editing program, go to preferences in the Cyberduck tool bar, go to the editor tab, click the drop down menu and click choose. Find your editing program and click open.
  2. Once the file opens in the editing program, make your changes and save.
  3. Once you close the program, the file will automatically upload back into your remote site.

How to Open Multiple Connections

Opening multiple connections allows you to be connected to 2 different remote sites in a single interface. To learn how to open multiple connections, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to File and click New Browser
  2. In the new Cyberduck tab, open a new connection.


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