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Deleting a User and Keeping Their Files

When a User leaves an organization it may be necessary to move the folders/files and shares they own to an administrator before deleting their user profile. Please note deleting a user is a destructive process that will permanently delete all data (files, folders, mail events) that user owned with no possibility of recovery. Follow the steps below to transfer files from a user to an admin prior to deleting a user profile.

Setting up New Ownership

The first step is to create the new folder to be owned by an admin.

Login as an admin and go to your Files tab > Create a new folder that will own the dataExample of creating a new folder in the admin's folder structure. This will be the new designated folder where the user's files will be under.

Share it with the user who will be deleted and provide them with any Write permissions to allow them to upload filesShare write access to the user to allow them to move files from outside of the directory into it.


Accessing the User and Transferring Ownership

Login proxy to gain access to the user as an admin (see this link)

Go to the user’s Files tab and move all folders and files into the new shared folder

Move the user's folders and data into the shared folder to transfer ownership.Login as the user to review their folder structure to be moved into the shared folder.

Review ownership and make sure files and folders are now owned by the admin. Log back in as the admin and review the folder structure

Log back in as the administrator to review and confirm ownership of the user's data.


Review User Data Before Deletion

Review the user’s storage in the Users tab to see if there is any remaining data to be transferred over (i.e. files attached in mail events, etc.) and making sure the storage is 0.

Review user's remaining storage usage by going to the Users tab

*Please note that once you delete the user any data owned by the user is permanently deleted and will not be recoverable.

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