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education use caseUse secure FTPS and SFTP protocols to transfer and store files in the Cloud. Setup departmental folders for specific contents and provide restricted access privileges for each individual user.

The Challenge

Using FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, educational institutions need the ability to provide faculty, staff, students and other institutions a secure way to share research papers, submit assignments and have a simple means to isolate different departments, courses, and curriculums. Using Hosted FTP will integrate your data infrastructure in the Cloud avoiding physical on-premise hardware, freeing up internal bandwidth, and reducing costs to hire maintenance staff.

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Benefits of FTPS, SFTP with Hosted FTP

Department Level Restricted Workspace

Faculty, staff, and instructors can easily setup departmental level access privileges for a specific folder(s) and their contents. Administrator(s) can set individual restrictions for every user (i.e. setting restrictions differently for professors and student bodies) Learn more about restricted shared folders. >

Real-time Comprehensive Logs

Faculty, instructors, and students can receive notifications when files, test, exams are uploaded or downloaded. Enable audit logs to track your entire FTP server’s login and transfer activity daily. Learn more about real-time notifications. >

Access from any Device

Hosted FTP allows accessibility for any device with a web browser or FTP client. In the class, in the office or at home. Access learning material, presentations and assignments from any device with a web-browser. No downloads, no plugins, no hassle. Learn more about logging in with a web browser. >

Departmental Groups

Allocate resources to a specified community of users. Assign a group admin i.e departmental head to manage the group workspace, add users and configure a storage or bandwidth quota to each group member. Learn more about user groups. >

Best of Breed Security Model

Hosted FTP has the best security model available; we encrypt files and metadata (i.e. filenames, folder names, and field names) in transit, on arrival and at rest to ensure integrity, privacy, and confidentiality of your students, instructors, and staff members. Get the best security model available for your FTP server. Learn more about our unique security model. >

Are you Ready?

Join thousands of enterprises today who have integrated into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud seamlessly with Hosted FTP. Book a webinar and one of our consultants can help you set-up a trial SFTP account based on your use case(s).

You can also call us at 1-855-888-4387 (Toll Free), 1-416-532-4387 (Intl), or email: support@hostedftp.com for any inquiries.

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