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Enable Daily Audit logs for Logins, File Transfers, and Deletes

Enable audit logs in your account to track all login and file transfer activities. Logs are saved at the end of each day in two separate files that are available in the “Files” tab in the default “logs” folder. Please see this link to download this guide for your reference. Follow the steps below:

Steps to Enable Audit Logs

*Please note that the first time enabling audit logs, the folder will be created with the first logs at the end of the day.

1. Log in as the account or operation administrator and click on the “Setup” tab

2. Scrolling down to the options list, locate and enable Create logs in FTP folder.

  • By default, the folder name created is logs
  • Select what you want to track: logins, file transfers, deleted files or all.
  • Then, select in the drop-down list what format you want the log file to save: CSV, Excel, or both. (Recommended Excel)

3. Click Save to finish changing your options.
You have successfully enabled audit logs for your FTP site. For more information on accessing and viewing your audit logs, click here.


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