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engineering FTPShare blueprints, plans, drawing, and submittals with engineers, architects, and other users.

The Challenge

Engineering companies need to be able to share blueprints, plans, drawing, and submittals with architects, engineers, and other parties to provide access to them, not only from the office but also from remote locations. They need to be notified when files are uploaded/downloaded for time-critical updates or postings. Timely and on-demand information is critical to get the job done successfully.

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Benefits of Hosted~FTP~

Fastest File Transfer Speeds

Transfer large files quickly to your team members. Our speed relay infrastructure automatically selects the closest AWS region location to connect.  Learn more about how to share files and folders. >

Restricted, Shared, Access to a folder(s)

Easily setup individual access privileges to your files and folder(s). Learn more about how to set up a restricted folder. >

Access from any Device

In the office or at the remote site, you can access blueprints, plans, drawing, and submittals from any device with a web browser or an FTP client. Learn more about how upload files from the web browser. >

Real-time Notifications

Receive notifications when a user uploads or downloads a file. Also, provide your user with notification when files are transferred Learn more about how to add email notifications to a folder. >

File Uploads from Colleagues & Unregistered Users

Plans, updates, and schematics can be easily & securely uploaded from anywhere using the Plugin, this will ensure that you always have the latest designs available. This is a key feature for receiving files without requiring a username or login. Embed an upload plugin into your website today. Learn more about our plugin. >

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