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Enterprise T1 Plan Features

The Enterprise Tier 1 (T1) plan provides security features and user management to meet security requirements for SMBs.  The T1 plan includes up to 50 user licenses, 64GB file size, 1TB bandwidth, and 24×7 support (Account limits can be found here). Please see the table below for detailed articles and information on the Enterprise T1 features.


Enhanced feature Description
Real time reports Ability to determine various usage, login and errors for your user community
IP Whitelisting Restrict users from logging in only from allowed IP addresses
Multiple Admins Organize data and users to be managed by different departments, different groups, or admins
Automation Support Easily connect your software, scripts, and programs to Hosted~FTP~ to automatically run your processes
Force secure protocols SFTP/FTPeS/HTTPS
24/7 Enterprise Support


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