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Example Report Filters

The Reports Tab allows you to track detailed activities in your Hosted~FTP~ account. You can use advanced filters to find specific events that you are looking for. Please see below for some filter examples:

Finding Yesterday’s File Transfer Activity

  • Filter: File Transfers
  • Sub-filter: TRANSFER
  • Date range: YESTERDAY

Finding Recent Failed Logins

  • Filter: Logins
  • Sub-filter: LOGIN_FAILURE
  • Date range: TODAY

Finding Specific User Activity in the Past Month

  • Filter: All events
  • Users field has the username inputted
  • Date range: LAST_MONTH

Finding a Specific User’s Delete Activity with a Custom Date Range

  • Filter: All events
  • Sub-filter: DELETE
  • Users field has username inputted
  • Date range: CUSTOM with your specified beginning and end date

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