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Exporting EDI files to FTP for download

Use Case: 

Enable pushing EDI files from an external system to the Hosted~FTP~ account for download access either by a user or another system.

Solution: Setup a “restricted shared folder”

  • The admin creates a folder on the Files tab and then creates a Username for the EDI system to “push” files. The folder is shared with the EDI Username and the admin can retrieve the files uploaded from the admin username.


Follow the steps below to create a folder and user infrastructure. In this example, a system with a username EDI-downloader will have only read access to the EDI Orders folder to view and download files. The folder owner will receive real-time notifications whenever a file is downloaded from that folder.

Login as the Admin to your Account > Files tab  
Create a Folder structure that fits your use case needs

*It is recommended to create a base company folder in the case you want to share the entire database to another admin/user

Go to the Users tab > Click on Add Username  
Create a user for the client/system/employee by inputting a username, name, and password and Save.


*It is recommended to select our best practice options (see image)

Go back to Files tab > Click on the folder you want to share > Click on the Share button on the right  
Opening the sharing settings > Click on Add Contacts > Select your desired user(s) and permissions

In this use case, we will be selecting “Read” access. This gives the user only the ability to view and download from the folder

Select the settings for real-time notifications if desired (for you and for each user) > Save  
Now the user has access to the EDI Orders folder and can only view and download the EDI files

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