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File Retention Policy Examples

There are various ways to setup File Retention Policies in your Hosted~FTP~ account. Please see our examples below for example scenarios:

60-day policy with specific extensions

This setup deletes all files in a specific folder, including its subfolders, with the specific file extensions .CSV, and .PDF that are older than 60 days.

90-day policy with a specific folder path

This setup deletes all files in a specific folder path after 90 days. Please note that the “include subfolders” option is not enabled.

30-day policy specifying folder path with spaces and not including specific sub-folder

This example scenario includes folder paths with spaces while excluding a sub-folder. Please note that you can use “\s” as a regex expression to recognize a space. For this example, the folder path is /Finance Department/Inbound/ where we replace the space as: /Finance\sDepartment/Inbound/. The sub-folder to not include in the policy is /Client B, which we input as /Finance\sDepartment/Inbound/Client\sB/.

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