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File Upload (Web Plugin) Customization

Add file upload to your site. Use our Web Plugin feature and create custom fields within the web plugin, to allow your customers to upload into your remote site from your web page. Customization can be managed from the Plugin > Customize page.


In addition to the main message body, there are 4 fields available to collect information from the plugin. The “From” and “Subject” fields are always displayed, though their names can be changed if needed. In addition, there are 2 custom fields available, they are optional and only displayed if you give them labels.
For each field, you can customize:

  • Label – The title displayed
  • Default – A default value that appears in the field when the file sharing window opens
  • Description – A prompt that is displayed directly below the field

By default, after files have been shared to your account the plugin will forward to a page that displays a success or error message. These messages can be customized from the Plugin > Labels page.

You can specify external web pages for the plugin to forward to. These are entered on the Plugin > Customize page and are commonly used to integrate business processes with content on your own website.

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