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Files Tab Tutorial

In the files tab tutorial, learn the best practices for creating your folder structure, sharing folders and more. Follow the best practices below to ensure an effective and flawless workflow for your internal and external users and clients.

Creating your Folder Structure

Creating a proper folder structure is essential to the integrity, privacy and transparency of your business operations. Whether you manage a small company or an international enterprise, setting up a proper folder structure should be of importance to you. To create a proper folder structure, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a main folder folder for your entire infrastructure.
  2. Create sub folders underneath the main folder for each client, vendor or department to mimic your campaign or use case.

Create a Main Folder

Having a main folder containing your entire infrastructure rather than using the root directory, allows you to share the main folder with any users you want to give access to all files and folders in your FTP server (excluding logs and mail events). In addition, this small step ensures transparency of all users in your account. Any folders a user creates in their own root directory, will not be seen unless shared out to other users, the admin included. To read more about restricting users to specific folders, click here to learn about restricted shared folders.

For a detailed breakdown of the Files Tab click here.

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