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FTP, SFTP, FTPS solutions for EDI document transfers

Transfer important EDI documents to business partners in the Cloud securely worldwide with Hosted FTP.

The Challenge

edi ftp solution

Companies who require to exchange data B2B (business to business) can use EDI for efficient automated communication. These enterprises also require a high level of security to protect their confidential information during transfer and storage of data.

Not only must these transfers be fast and in high volume at times, but bigger companies also need to manage and protect data leaks from multiple business partners and/or clients coming in and out all over the world.

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Best practice setup in hosted ftp for edi use case

With Hosted~FTP~, provide sperate login credentials per client to have access solely to their own data with our restricted shared folder setup. Have real-time notifications and real-time reports for mission critical jobs.

Features and Benefits of Hosted~FTP~

Secure Protocol Transfer between Parties

Enable transfer of EDI documents in one direction or both directions between parties using FTP/SFTP/FTPS. Manage secure settings such as: restricting connections to only SFTP/FTPS, IP whitelisting (starting at the Enterprise bundle), using PKI (public key infrastructure) key pairing.

Restricted Shared Folder(s)

Easily set-up a restricted shared folder directory for each business partner and client. Keep EDI data visible only to the correct parties and manage upload and download permissions.  Learn more about how to set up a restricted folder. >

Real-time Notifications

Manage notifications when a business partner/client sends or receives EDI documents. Also, provide your user with notifications when files are transferred. Learn more about how to add email notifications to a folder. >

Audit Logs for User Logins and Transfers

Receive daily audit logs for EDI transfers and login activity for every user.

Best of Breed Security Model

Our files are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption in transit, on arrival and at rest.  Learn more about our security overview. >

Mission Critical Premium Support

Starting at our Enterprise bundle, Hosted~FTP~ provides 7×24 chat, email, phone, and webinar support for your account and for your business partners and clients.

Are you Ready?

Join thousands of enterprises today who have integrated into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud seamlessly with Hosted FTP. Book a webinar and one of our consultants can help you set-up a trial SFTP account based on your use case(s).

You can also call us at 1-855-888-4387 (Toll Free), 1-416-532-4387 (Intl), or email: support@hostedftp.com for any inquiries.


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