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FTP Support Deprecated by Browsers

In a recent update as of July, 2021, major web browsers such as: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome have deprecated FTP support. However, with Hosted~FTP~’s anonymous sharing feature, you can still use links in the web browser by changing the URL to HTTPS protocol. FTP clients and other platforms are not effected by this update and can use anonymous sharing FTP URLs as normal.

Using URLs in the web browser for downloading

There are 2 methods in which you can share a link for download in the web browser using Hosted~FTP~.

Sharing a file in a folder

Once you have enabled anonymous access to a folder (see how to enable here), you can then provide 3rd parties with a direct URL to your files. You will require this syntax in order to find your URL: https://hostname/~username/foldername/filename

Example URL: https://hftptutorial.hostedftp.com/~hostedftp-Tutorials/ExampleAnonymousSharing/example-anonymous-file.docx

Sharing a single file

Using the Send function located in your Home tab, users can enable the Create a public link option to create an accessible URL for 3rd parties to download. (Please see this link for more info).

*Please note that users must have greater than a 0GB storage quota for the send function to work.

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