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Home Tab Tutorial

In the Home tab tutorial, learn the basic functions of the home tab and how to utilize these tools and features in your use case.

Object Description
Send Transfer files by secure email link and send files from your desktop, mobile device or remote site. New recipients will automatically be added as a new contact. No login required to download files. Sent files are considered Mail Events.
Receive Files Request files by secure email link and receive files from the recipient’s desktop, mobile device. Received files are considered Mail events.
Mail Events A mail event is a sent or received file from a contact or user. A mail event appears in the Mail Box. Click the mail event to open the the available options.
Mail Box The mail box reveals all current mail events (received and sent files). Here you can view the name, subject, size and date of the mail event or click a mail event to open the available options.
Mail Options Click on a Mail Event to download, forward, reply, delete and view other available options.


For a detailed breakdown of the Home tab click here.

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