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HostedFTP Email Notification IP Addresses

Learn more about setting up email notifications here.

  • The Hosted~FTP~ “email notification” IP addresses are: and
  • The CIDR notation for the SendGrid address is:

Email service example profile:

  • SendGrid IP address:
  • AWS SES IP address:
  • From: ftp@hostedftp.com

Some email systems have anti-spoofing systems that may flag that the email service IP address and DNS record that returns are different.


Hosted~FTP~ IP Addresses

Location Hostname IP Address
Virginia (USA) site 1 us1.hostedftp.com
Virginia (USA) site 2 us2.hostedftp.com
California (USA) site us3.hostedftp.com
Oregon (USA) site us4.hostedftp.com
Ireland site ie1.hostedftp.com
Frankfurt (Germany) site de1.hostedftp.com
Sydney (Australia) site au1.hostedftp.com
서울 (Korea) site kr1.hostedftp.com
東京 (Japan) site jp1.hostedftp.com
Mumbai (India) site in1.hostedftp.com


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