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How to Delete your Users

To delete a user in your Hosted~FTP~ account as an admin, please follow the instructions below. Please note that deleting a user will also permanently delete all data stored in the user’s account (i.e. folders they own, mail events).

Reviewing Users to be Deleted

You must first assess whether the user is active, and has data that should not be deleted. To determine the usage profile of the user before deleting, please view the user list located in the User’s tab and viewing the corresponding headers.

Please note some active users may not utilize storage and instead will upload into specific shared folder(s). Using your admin proxy (link) will enable you to log in as the user to review which folders they have access to.

The Users tab can assist in providing a general summary of user activity

You can also review the login and transfer activity of individual users by reviewing the Audit logs (see this link). For Enterprise T2 accounts, admins can use the Reports tab to generate a login and transfer report for specific users to review their recent activity. Please see this link on using reports.


User Deletion Hierarchy

In order to manage or delete a user you must be above them in the hierarchy. Please see the hierarchy table below:

  Account Admin Operational Admins Group Admins Users Contacts
Can delete Operational Admins X X X X
Can delete Group Admins X X X
Can delete Users

(Only in their Group)

Can delete Contacts X


Deleting a User

  1. Logging in as an admin, go to the Users tab and locate the user in the list. Select the user to open their settings. Users tab to locate and open user settings
  2. Beside the Save and Cancel options, click on Delete. Note: Please note this will permanently delete all stored data in the user’s account. The Delete button can be found on beside the save and cancel options in the user's settings
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