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Import Restricted Shared Folders in Bulk – Syntax and Definitions

The import function streamlines and facilitates the setting up of multiple users. This will allow you to easily set up hundreds of users using a simple process.  Our best practice is to use a spreadsheet to create the import users list and then convert to a CSV file to paste into the import window, this will also ensure that you have a record of all the users and import data.

Format your import with comma separated fields and ensure that the first line contains the descriptor as noted below. This should be followed by one or more lines per user that you want to import.

Import Share Syntax Descriptor


CSV Template

Example Share Syntax Template

Example Share Syntax

The following example syntax depicts a shared folder called “/Sales”, sharing to a username “Client100”, with only Read (download only) access, and gets notified when a new file is uploaded into the folder.

  • @share_folder=path,contact,contactAccess,contactNotify
  • /Sales,Client100,R,U

The next example is a restricted shared folder called “/Contracts”, sharing to an email “manager@company.com”, with both upload and download access, and will be notified whenever a file is uploaded or downloaded from the folder.

  • @share_folder=path,contact,contactAccess,contactNotify
  • /Contracts,manager@company.com,RW,UD

Share Syntax Definitions

Import Field Description Value/Example
path Name of the folder to be shared, ensure you add a / before the folder name Eg. /SharedFolder1
contact Full username of the user the folder will be shared with e.g. Co_username1
contactAccess The permissions this user has to the folder, ie. Read/write 1) read (R) – list folder contents, download files
2) Write (W) – upload files
3) read_write (RW, RW) – list folder contents, upload files, download files, delete files
4) read_write_no_delete (RWND) – list folder contents, upload files, download files, cannot delete or overwrite files/folder
5) none  (N)- no access to folder, can be used for notifications only setup
contactNotify Sets the Users email notifications for upload and download activity. 1) upload (U) – notify this contact when anyone uploads a file to this folder
2) download (D) – notify this contact when anyone downloads a file from this folder
3) upload_download (UD, DU) – notify this contact when anyone uploads or downloads files to/from this folder
4) none (N) – do not send notifications to this contact


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