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Web Plugin Overview and Guide

The website plugin allows you to add secure file sharing to your website with one simple link. There are two ways to implement the plugin:

  1. Your visitors will click a link or button on your website, and then send files to you.
  2. Hosted~FTP~ hosts a webpage for you at your customized URL as a starting point for your website visitors.

The plugin is easily configurable. This function is available for all administrators and users and uses account storage. Administrators can restrict these settings on an individual basis by giving users a 0GB storage quota (more info here). You can brand it, add customized fields to help automate business processes, and add multiple levels of security including password and security captcha. For more details on the Plugin functions, click here.


In addition to the main message body, there are 4 fields available to collect information from the plugin. The “From” and “Subject” fields are always displayed, though their names can be changed if needed. In addition there are 2 custom fields available, they are optional and only displayed if you give them labels.
For each field, you can customize:
1. Label – The title displayed
2. Default – A default value that appears in the field when the file sharing window opens
3. Description – A prompt that is displayed directly below the field


Adding additional security (CAPTCHA, password)

The website plugin allows visitors to securely send files directly to your account by transferring the files over an encrypted network connection and storing the files in the Amazon Cloud.

Additional levels of security can be added from the Plugin > Customize page:

  1. Require a password (separate from your Hosted FTP account password) to control who can send files to you through the plugin.
  2. Add a security image (CAPTCHA) to prevent malicious websites from flooding your plugin with spam.
  3. Add a quota to restrict the size and quantity of the files sent to you through the plugin.

For more information, click:

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