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How to Keep Folders Up to Date with WinSCP

Please note that this is a Hosted~FTP~ resource, scripting support is available to our Enterprise level customers.

The keepuptodate command in WinSCP allows your remote directory and local directory to be synchronized with each other. Once you start the function, WinSCP will watch when there is a change in the local directory and reflect that in your remote directory. Please note that WinSCP will perform a full synchronization of the directory everytime it detects a change.


If this is your first time setting up a script with WinSCP, please click here to read “How to Setup WINSCP Scripting”. Once you have your WINSCP scripting setup, do the following steps.

  • Run your Notepad as administrator.
  • Open your “script.txt” file.
  • The line you need to add to your script.txt is as follows:

Keepuptodate C:\local file path /remote file path

  • \local file path: The file path in your computer’s directory
  • /remote file path: The file path in your FTP’s directory

e.g. Keepuptodate C:\Users\Username\Foldername\Filename /Foldername/Filename

Additional Notes

  • Make sure you understand all your commands and insert it in the part of the file you want it to run
  • Renaming a file or directory will make WinSCP think you are removing and adding a new file/directory and will reflect the action. We recommend to rename a large file or directory manually.
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