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Law FTP use caseUsing secure FTPS and SFTP protocols, share confidential case files and client depositions with lawyers, paralegals and other law firms that need access to them. Protect your firms and clients’ data with high-end level security features. Restrict access to files by individual users. Receive real-time notifications when documents are uploaded/downloaded.

The Challenge

Law firms need to be able to securely share confidential files and client information with internal legal teams, opposing counsel, and clients in the office, on the road or in the courtroom. Using a Cloud infrastructure removes any physical hardware needs including maintenance, check-ups and hiring staff. Transfer data between business partners, governments, colleagues making files and folders only accessible to specific parties.

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Benefits of  FTPS, SFTP with Hosted FTP

Setup Restricted Access to Information

Easily setup a workspace from simple folder sharing to complex folder structure sharing for small to large legal cases involving multiple litigants and law firms. Access privileges for a specific folder(s) can be easily configured Learn more about how to set up a restricted folder. >

Ensure Compliance to Industry Standards

Best of breed security and privacy features including audit logs, notifications and compliance with industry regulations i.e HIPAA, SOC2 Learn more about our security overview. >

Plugin for Ad-hoc File Uploads

Customize your very own secure plugin to represent your enterprise and securely upload files to your user account; key feature for receiving files from unregistered users. Learn more about our plugin. >

Real-time Notifications

Receive email notifications of upload or download file transfer events. Especially useful for tracking time-sensitive acknowledgment of documents being downloaded or uploaded Learn more about how to add email notifications to a folder. >

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