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Logging in with an FTP Client via FTP

FTP/FTPS Login Info

Please note the following Hosted~FTP~ account credentials for logging in with an FTP client i.e. FileZilla, Cyberduck, etc using the FTP/FTPS protocol. Please distribute the following information with your own values to your clients for hostname, username and password. Please note that the setup for a User should include a “Default FTP folder” specified on the users tab. This ensures that when the user logs in they will be placed in their own restricted shared folder if required.

*Please note that FTP idle timeout is 2 minutes

Credentials To Distribute For FTP/FTPS

FTP Client

Credentials Description/Example
Hostname Your domain name used to access your account.
i.e yourdomain.hostedftp.com or ftp.yourdomain.com
Click here to learn more.
By default, you can always use ftp.hostedftp.com
Username The user’s username. I.e admin or admin@hostedftp.com. The username can be viewed or configured in the “Users Tab”. If an email is linked to the user, the user’s email address can be used alternatively.
Password The user’s password.

Note: You may need to say yes to trusting the certificate before you can connect.

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