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Managing Shared folder upload/download permissions

Shared folders are ideal for groups of people to work on the same files together. This feature allows multiple users and contacts to:

  • Upload and download files.
  • Be notified by email when files are uploaded, downloaded, or both.
  • Restrict access differently for each recipient: only-upload, only-download, both or to allow delete privileges.


All the files and folders created within the shared folder, are updated live and shared with all shared recipients.

Shared Folder Indicators

When you share a folder you own, a green arrow will indicate it’s being shared with others.
A red arrow on the folder, indicates that someone has shared this folder with you.


Files that you upload to shared folders will be visible to you and members of the folder who have been granted “read” privileges. If granted only Write permissions, they will only be able to upload to the shared folder but not see any of the files.

Anonymously Sharing Folders

Folders can also be shared anonymously. When you share a folder anonymously you choose to give read-only, write-only, or read and write access to all files in the folder. Anonymous folders can be accessed via anonymous FTP using any FTP client. Click here for more information.

Shared Folder Privileges

Members of a folder can add, delete, or edit files or sub-folders within that folder depending on privileges granted by the creator of the folder. You can set privileges differently for each member of the folder in the drop-down list under Access (see below)

Privilege Level Description Example Use
None User will have no access to the folder

You can still setup upload/download notifications to notify them of activity happening in the folder

When email notifications are required to keep logs of successful transactions from a client
Read View and download all files in the shared folder

The user cannot upload files to the shared folder

Sharing manuals and instructions with team members when they do not need to upload into that folder.

Distributing a set of proposal documents to clients or bid partners

Write Upload files to the shared folder

The user cannot view or download files from the shared folder

A shared ‘team’ folder that is used for upload by all members but the owner does not want team member ‘A’ to see what team member ‘B’ has uploaded
Read/Write View, download/upload and delete files from the shared folder Repository for project members to collaborate and work together in uploading/updating and downloading files and documents for specific projects
Read/Write, No Delete


View, download and upload files from the shared folder.

The user cannot delete or overwrite files

For clients to upload files, disabling any ability to edit or remove important documents uploaded to you


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