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More Example Report Filters

For details on using the Reports tab, see our article here. Please see here for more example reports. You can use advanced filters to find specific events that you are looking for. Please see below for some filter examples:

Finding a specific user’s login activity in the past month

  • Filter: Logins
  • Sub-filter: LOGIN
  • Users: Input username here
  • Date range: LAST_MONTH

Finding all sync activity in a custom date range

  • Filter: Syncs
  • Sub-filter: SYNC_DATA
  • Date range: CUSTOM – input beginning date/time and ending date/time range. Cannot exceed 6 months

Finding the user bandwidth usage for the month

  • Filter: Bandwidth
  • Date range: THIS_MONTH

Finding all user quota events that happened this month

  • Filter: All events
  • Sub-filter: QUOTA
  • Date range: THIS_MONTH

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