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Implementing Multiple Administrators

What is an Operational Admin?

Operational admins have the 2nd highest level authority in the Hosted~FTP~ account. They can create and manage users and has the same functionality as the account administrator, however they do not have access to the Account tab that handles billing and the Branding tab.

How to Create an Operational Admin

To create an operational admin, you must be logged in as the account administrator. Then go to the user’s settings that you would like to delegate as an operational admin. Scroll down to the options list and check mark Admin and save. The user will be promoted to an operational admin.

What is a Group Admin?

Group admins have the same user management capabilities as an operational admin, however, only in the delegated group they have been made admin for. The group admin can then create and manage users, and also allocate the available resources in their group.

How to Create a Group Admin

To delegate a group admin, you must first be logged in as the account administrator or as an operational admin. Next, head over to the users tab and click on the Groups sub-header. If you haven’t created a group yet, click on the Add button on the right-side menu to create a new group and delegate a group admin during creation. For an existing group, simply open the group settings and select a current user in your account in the admin drop-down menu to delegate them as the group’s admin.

Using Operational Admins to Log into Group Admins

To protect your data ownership Hosted~FTP~ allows only the owner of a folder to share out a folder. To allow multiple admins to share out from the same folder structure using their own credentials, we recommend using a combination of Operational admins and a Group admin.

Please note: The Group admin can only see the users that they have invited to their Group and would have no access to folders owned by higher-level admins unless specifically shared.

  1. To start the Account admin would log in and create multiple users and promote them to become Operational administrators on their user profile.
  2. Once complete, log in as one of the newly created administrators and create a user on the Users tab who will be the Group admin.
  3. Also on the Users tab, create the Group and designate this new user as the Group admin. This will allow this user to be an administrator in a limited capacity and create and share folders with users.
  4. On the Files tab of the Group admin’s workspace is where the folder structure will be established.

An example group creation setup.

An example folder setup for a group of users to transfer files into.

In day to day operations, the Operational administrators would log in as the Group admin using their
admin proxy to share out files or add new content to shared folders.

Please note: Operational admins can also designate users to be in a Group on their User profile.

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