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Integrating the Upload Plugin into your Website and Business

What is a Web Plugin?

The web plugin is a browser-based feature that allows you to add file uploading to your website or to allow a recipient to send you files without needing login credentials. This upload tool can be embedded into any site and/or be used by URL access. Typically, the web plugin is used to add file upload from your website to your remote site.

Businesses can take advantage of the ability to customize information fields to obtain metadata, labels, and even add different security measures. Implement the upload plugin effective for different use cases.


Plugin Examples for Different Industries


Use Case Profile

Plug-in Link Examples


Accounting institutions should be able to share files with proprietary information with assurance that privacy, confidentiality, and security is maintained. They need to be able to give their clients restricted access to folders containing confidential investment files.

Example Accounting Plugin


Healthcare organizations/providers need to exchange confidential PHI information i.e. patient records, claims information with payer organizations i.e. insurance companies, health plan providers to get paid for their services. Healthcare insurance companies need to securely transfer a large amount of confidential PHI healthcare files, including patient records, with external business partners and healthcare providers.

Example Healthcare Plugin


Architects daily workflow involves sharing CAD/CAM drawings and designs using a ubiquitous transfer method such as secure FTP in order to collaborate with all major architect, construction, and engineering firms.

 Example Architecture Plugin


Engineering companies need to be able to share blueprints, plans, drawing, and submitting with architects, engineers, and other parties to provide access to them, not only from the office but also from remote locations. They need to be notified when files are uploaded/downloaded for time-critical updates or postings. Timely and on-demand information is critical to get the job done successfully.

 Example Engineering Plugin


Printing companies require a feature for clients and prospective customers to upload high-resolution images and send requests to their system before editing and processing. The plugin feature is a key component that not only provides an embedded upload tool but collects information about the uploads for each request. The plugin will also send the plugin owner instant notifications via email and in the FTP site whenever a request is made.

Example Printing Plugin


Construction company project management requires a system in place to effectively distribute proposal documents and updates to proposals to contractors subcontractors, trades, and professionals. Documents include blueprints, plans, drawing and specific instructions for responding to bids. There are also requirements for submitted responses to bids and updates from the field.

Example Construction Plugin

Legal Firms

Law firms need to be able to securely share confidential files and client information with internal legal teams, opposing counsel, and clients in the office, on the road or in the courtroom.

Example Legal Firm Plugin 



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