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Plugin Tab

Use the plugin tab to enable, setup and customize anonymous upload by URL or by embedding the web plugin into your website.

What is the Web Plugin?

The Web Plugin is an anonymous file receiving feature with the ability to be embedded into websites and allow uploads into your account. The Web Plugin can also be used to receive files via URL. Received files appear in your Home Tab as a Mail Event. Check out our Video tutorial below, or continue scrolling for more info.

Plugin Tool Sub-tabs and Details

Home Tab

In the home to you can enable/deactivate, test, configure and reset the Web Plugin.

Plugin Tab












Feature Description
Open Opens the web plugin for preview. See exactly what a recipient would see when using the web plugin. The Web Plugin must be active to open.
Send Test Test sending files to your account using the web plugin.
Apply Defaults Reset the web plugin to its initial default state. Removes all custom labels, security features and deactivates the web plugin.
Public Link Utilize the URL to allow anonymous file receiving to your remote site by URL.
Active Activate or deactivate the web plugin. Once deactivated, the web plugin will no longer work and anyone who uses the web plugin will receive an error.


Labels Tab

Customize the title, button, message, greeting, success and error messages that appear on the Web Plugin.














Feature Description
Title Appears on the top of the web plugin.
Button Appears on the button that directs the user to the next page.
Message Appears in the blank text field and allows the admin to leave a message for the end user.
Greeting Appears upon first opening the Web Plugin
Success Message that appears upon successful file transfer.
Error Message that appears upon unsuccessful file transfer.

Please reference the images below for an example of where each feature will appear.


Customize Tab

Add and manage additional information fields, security features and redirect links.
Customize Link
















Feature Description
Fields Information fields that can be filled out by the recipient.
Labels What appears as the title in the information field.
Default Insert text that will appear automatically in the specific corresponding information field.
Description Insert text that will appear automatically in that specific corresponding information field.
Allow up to- Restricts the recipient from transferring more than the specified amount. NOTE: Recipients cannot upload more than your subscription max file size through the web plugin.
Require a password Requires the recipient to use a specific password set by the account admin to transfer files to your remote site.
Add a security image (CAPTCHA) Add a 2-6 character CAPTCHA security feature to prevent bots from uploading to your remote site. Additionally, the CAPTCHA security feature also hides the web plugin from search engine spiders.
On success Upon success, the On Success URL redirects recipients to a specified domain. Must include “https://” before URL.
On Error Upon the chance of failure, the On Error URL redirects recipients  to a specified domain. Must include “https://” before URL.

Please reference the images below for an example of where each feature will appear.

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