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Printing companies receive requests, image uploads from customers and clients while obtaining metadata through a secure transfer platform.

The ChallengePrinting company use cases

Printing companies require a platform for their customers to securely upload large image files without having to formally enroll their clients and business partners into their file transfer business processes. The upload process also needs to capture information that provides context about the transfer. Printing companies also need to receive a notification as soon as files are uploaded. Test our example plugin here. >

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Benefits of FTP, SFTP with Hosted FTP

Customize Your Website to Embed our Branded Plugin

Using our plugin feature, embed the plugin or provide a URL to clients to send printing requests via secure HTTPS. Customize the fields and labels in the form to obtain information and client image uploads in one action. This key feature allows your clientele to upload to your FTP without requiring credentials. Learn more about our plugin. >

Define Multiple Users for Different Use Cases

Define multiple users for different: departments, clientele, and printing types with each user having their own plugin.

Customize Multiple Fields to Gather Metadata

The Hosted~FTP~ plug-in is a browser-based utility that can be branded and customized to gather multiple fields of metadata associated with the file being uploaded. Customize the fields to obtain specific information and organize each print request.

Fastest File Transfer Speeds

Our file transfer infrastructure is configured for the fastest upload speeds available. Our speed relay infrastructure automatically selects the closest AWS region location to connect.

Upload files from any Mobile or Desktop Web Browser

Clients can send printing requests via upload plugin through any device with a web browser. On-the-go or out of office, the advantage of enabling customers to send requests securely from anywhere provides the printing company with higher customer interactivity and sales revenue.

Real-time Notifications by Plugin

The plugin feature sends email and FTP site notifications immediately to the plugin owner when a client uploads files. This promotes fast and efficient services to clients by instantaneously being notified whenever a request has been sent.

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Join thousands of enterprises today who have integrated into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud seamlessly with Hosted FTP. Book a webinar and one of our consultants can help you set-up a 21-day trial account based on your use case(s).

You can also call us at 1-855-888-4387 (Toll Free), 1-416-532-4387 (Intl), or email: support@hostedftp.com for any inquiries.

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