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Real Estate

Easy file sharing and e-signature for realtors and real estate professionals.

The Challenge

Real estate companies need a simple way of sharing files with prospects and client in a flexible workspace. A way to deliver appraisals, contracts, proposals and confidential client information securely. A way to increase customer experience with a collaborative way to send leases, e-signatures, and other important documents. Brokers need an easily accessible virtual data room they can access anytime, anywhere, through any mobile device or desktop. A fast, reliable and secure file sharing service will increase brokers productivity, performance, and efficiency.

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Benefits of Hosted~FTP~

Restricted, Shared, Access to Folder(s)

Easily setup access privileges for a specific folder(s) and its contents. Simply share with clients, associates, and prospects to increase collaboration efficiency and performance. Learn more about how to share files and folders. >

Best of Breed Security Model

Hosted~FTP~ has the best security model available; we encrypt files and metadata i.e. filenames, folder names and field names in transit, on arrival and at rest. Protect your sensitive client information, proposals, and contracts ensuring integrity, privacy, and confidentiality at all times. Learn more about our unique security model. >

Access from any Device

In the office, at home or at the site, you can access documents, drawings, and forms from any device with a web-browser or FTP client. Learn more about connecting with a web-browser. >

Improve Agent Efficiency and Satisfaction

Easily send and receive documents, contracts, proposals and more using secure file transferring. A simpler way to collaborate with partners and prospects increasing customer experience and satisfaction. Learn more about sending and receiving files. >

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