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Renewing an Expired Account

Accounts expire when a scheduled recurring payment cannot be processed. When this happens the account administrator will first be notified by email and given a grace period to renew the account. If the grace period ends and the account has not been renewed then the account administrator will be notified a second time and the account will be placed in a read-only state.

Follow these steps for renewing an expired account:
1. Login to your site and go to the Account page
2. Make sure the correct account type is selected and then click the “Renew account” button
3. Choose a payment plan

4. If you have a promo code please enter and click recalculate which will show the amount of free storage

5. Click “Purchase”  You will be forwarded to Stripe, a secure third party payment processing service.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process.

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