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Reset and Change your Password

Only users with emails and are not managed users have the capability to reset their password. Please see below the steps on how to reset a password as the user, or as an admin.

Managed Users

Please note that Managed Users cannot change their passwords and must contact their Account Admin or Operations admin to request password reset/change.  You will know if you are a Managed User if you do not have a Setup tab when you login.

Password Reset with an Email

Please note: All user passwords are salted, hashed, and encrypted before being stored in the FTP application database.

Step Description/Example
1. Go to Hosted~FTP~ and select the login option and click “Forgot your password?”.


 Forgot Password
2. Fill in your email address and enter the security captcha and continue  Forgot Password
3. Go to your inbox and open the email link provided by HostedFTP to set a new password  Forgot Password


Change Password in your Setup tab

You can also change your password from the Setup tab. To do this:

Step Description/Example
1. Login to your account and click on the Setup tab


2. Click on the “change” button beside password to change your password. Change Reset Password
3. Enter your current password.
Fill in your new password.Click on save.
Change Reset Password


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