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MFA Reset on Managed User

Admins can login proxy to their users and reset MFA for them. This will require the admin to first turn off manage user settings and then re-enabling it once MFA has been changed.

  1. Logging in as the admin > go to the Users tab
  2. Locate the user you want to change MFA for and open their settings
  3. Scroll down and locate Managed user settings and disable this option and save your settings
    Manage user settings must be disabled in the settings
  4. Login proxy to the user’s account by clicking on the Login button beside the Username
  5. Using the syntax: Adminusername/username  you can use your own admin password to login as the user
    Login proxy to the user by following this syntax and using admin password
  6. Follow previous steps in the Resetting MFA as non-managed user section
  7. During this step, you can have the user authenticate with their device or send them the code instead
  8. Log back in as the admin > go to the Users tab
  9. Re-enable Managed user settings and save
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