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Reviewing Account Resources and Usage

Hosted~FTP~ provides inbuilt tools for the admin to monitor account usage and metrics available, these tools enable account management and the ability to proactively monitor for any potential overages and/or account limit quotas. The account administrator can view and manage both the overall FTP account as well as each individual user account.

There are 3 different ways to view your usage after logging in as the administrator:

Method 1 – Account Tab

Click on the Accounts tab and on the right-hand side you will see a quick total of your account storage and bandwidth usage

Clicking on the Usage subheading, you can view a detailed breakdown of your storage and bandwidth usage by billing cycle and each day as well as any overages incurred.

Method 2 – Quick Link

You can click on the usage notification at the top right of the web portal to view your usage details.

  • Under Usage: It states your personal administrator usage in your account for storage and bandwidth
  • Under Account: States your total FTP account’s usage across all your users in storage, bandwidth, files, and folders

Method 3 – Reviewing Each User’s Accumulated Storage

Click on the Users tab and view each user’s usage in the list. Clicking on one of the headers will organize the users in descending or ascending order for that criteria.

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