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Using the Send function from your Files tab

Using the Send function in your Files tab, you can send an entire folder (in .zip format) or a single file to recipients in your FTP account or 3rd parties. This function is available for all administrators and users and uses account storage. Administrators can restrict these settings on an individual basis by giving users a 0GB storage quota (more info here).


    1. In your Files tab, select the entire folder or individual file to send to a recipient to download. Then click on the Send button. Your file/folder that you have selected will already be attached into the Send function.
    2. Select recipients by clicking on the To button, or input multiple usernames and email addresses manually separated by a comma (,)
    3. You can add additional files by using both Files – to select more files stored in your Files workspace, or use Choose File/Drag & Drop to select files from your local device.
    4. After finalizing your recipients, files, email subject line and content, click on the Send button to submit the secure download link.

Reviewing your Send and Receive events

You can review and access all your sent mail in the events listed in your Home tab. Clicking on an event will open a pop-up window with settings:

Field Description
Download Downloads the attached files in the specific mail event
Forward Forward the files and email content to another recipient
Reply Reply to the recipients in the mail event with another Send function
Options Access the public link and mailbox cleanup settings for the mail event (Read here about using public links)

You can set the event’s file retention to automatically be deleted after X days

Delete Permanently deletes the mail event. Recipients will no longer have access to the files and links will expire. (Only works for the sender)
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