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How to Send Files Securely

The Send function allows the user to send a secure email link or create a public link to 3rd party recipients. This is the primary way to send a single file to recipients securely or to have a shareable link to provide recipients to download a file without needing login credentials.


Sending a File by Email

After clicking on the Send button, simply add the recipient(s) by: email or username (for existing users) to the To field. Then select Choose File or drag & drop your files into the box to attach your files to the secure email link. It is optional to fill the Subject and Blank content fields just like an email.

Object Description
To Enter a recipient’s email or username. For multiple recipients separate by a comma (,)
Subject Enter subject to be sent in email
Files Select an existing file in your directory
Choose File Select a file from your device
Drag and drop files and folders here! Drag multiple files directly from your device into the box to upload
Blank Box Enter message to be included in body of email
Create a public link Enables a shareable URL to send to multiple recipients to download your files
Delete after _ days Enable this option to have the event automatically be deleted after X amount of days


Sending a File by Public Link

Using the same method above, fill in all your fields and enable the Create a public link option to create a shareable URL that you can provide to multiple recipients to download the file without login credentials.

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