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Setting up Sync for Backup

The Sync to SFTP feature can be setup to enforce a rule to backup data. The idea is to have a secondary user keep a backup of important files to be recovered when needed. The Sync rule will automatically create a copy of directories to the user.

A diagram of how the sync rule will backup automatically on a secondary user

Creating a Backup User

When creating a backup user you can add IP whitelisting to restrict access from only specific locations and administrators. In this scenario, the backup user will be named Backup-DR-User. 

creating a backup user with IP whitelisting

Creating the Sync to Backup rule

First determine the folder structure that you want backed up. In this scenario, we will be backing up the entire folder structure for the administrator Example-Operations-Admin. 

The folder structure to backup

Going to your Sync tab and adding a new rule, fill in the following information and Save.

Setting up the Backup sync rule

Field Description
Name Label of the Sync rule
Actions What you want the rule to do after being triggered. In this case we will select Upload
Source Where the data is originally residing: Hosted~FTP~
User+ The folder owner(s) you want data to be copied. You can use * to choose all users, or list specific users. In this use case we will select Example-Operations-Admin
User-  Exclude any specific users data
Path+ The folder path you want to be synced. In this case, we will use * to select the entire user’s folder structure
Path- The folder paths you want to exclude to be synced
Target The target server that the data will be synced to. For this use case, we will use Hosted~FTP~
Username The username who the data will be synced to
Folder The target folder path to sync the data to. In this use case we will use / to copy directly to the user’s root


Triggering the Sync Rule

Once you upload a file to the target folder path, the backup user will copy the folder path and data in their directory.

Example-Operations-Admin uploading a new file

The user has uploaded a file into the target folder path

Backup-DR-User syncing the folder structure in real-time

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