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Setting up Sync to Dropbox

Using MultCloud, you can easily sync your FTP/SFTP server to ShareFile or Dropbox. Simply connect your servers for MultCloud to access then setup the sync rules between the two platforms.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a powerful tool that let’s you transfer files between different cloud drives. Google Drive to Dropbox, or SFTP to AWS S3, and more. What’s great about the features is that it starts as a free tool (up to 5GB) and you can even use parts of the Sync feature with the free plan.

Setting up Sync between FTP/SFTP and Dropbox

First, you can immediately use the free MultCloud guest access to sync right away, or save your settings by signing up for an account. Then connect your cloud drives:

  • By clicking on the Add Cloud button on the left navigation bar, you’ll get a list of available platforms that MultCloud supports, as well as FTP or SFTP.

MultCloud selecting application to mount

  • Select FTP then input your server credentials to mount the drive (Note: You can select the drop-down and also choose to connect via SFTP or FTPES)

  • Then mount your secondary cloud drive – for this scenario we’re using Dropbox

  • Clicking on Cloud Sync you’ll be prompted to select the 2 cloud drives you want to sync together. You can go into each drive and select the specific folder path you want to sync to and select the type of Sync:
    • Normal Sync – Schedule specific times of the day when the sync should trigger
    • Real Time Sync – Automatically have the servers sync
  • You’ll then want to either keep it:
    • One-way sync – Have the first drive copy it’s directory over to the other drive
    • Two-way sync – Have both drives mirror each other at all times

MultCloud makes setting up sync rules easy to manage with just a few clicks of a button. Hosted~FTP~ uses MultCloud as a solution for some clients who require a simple sync tool to 3rd party platforms.

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