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Add Network Location Windows 10/8/7

Connect to your FTP server using a network location defined in windows “files explorer”. You can use the file explorer interface to manage, upload and download files into folders and sub-folders. To begin, you’ll need to configure some settings to enable connecting your FTP via Windows.


 Add a Network Location in your Windows Explorer

Locate This PC in Windows Explorer and right-click. Select Add a network location to open the Add Network Location Wizard.
Click Next until you have to specify the location of the website. In this case, we can use ftp://ftp.hostedftp.com or a domain you’ve set up.
Insert the user name provided as your FTP
login credentials.
Give a name to the Network Folder and in the next window click Finish
In the new pop-up window click on Save Password and input your password in the empty field. Then log on to test your connection.
Finish and when you need to access the Network
Folder click on Login As… to login and enter the matching password to your username
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