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Steps to Sharing the Logs Folder

Once the Administrator has enabled audit logs on their Setup tab (learn more), the Administrator can then share the logs folder with the appropriate users or contacts and assign permissions like a regular shared folder. (Read, Write, Read/Write, Read/Write/No Delete).


1. Click Files tab > Select the logs folder > click the “Share” button.
locate the logs folder in your files directory

The share button goes to the settings that gives access to other users

2. Click the “Add contacts” button to select the recipients you want to share the audit logs with.
locate the Add contacts button to begin selecting your recipients

3. You can then manually input usernames and emails in the blank field, or click on “Add contacts” to select recipients from your list. You can then choose what kind of access to give the user(s) in the drop-down menu (shown in image).

you can manually input usernames and emails, or select users in a list

5. Click “Continue” and save your changes. You can now view a complete list of shared privileges and notifications and provide different types of access permissions and notifications for each user.

selected recipients will be created into a list where you can select individual settings

For more information on managing shared folder privileges, click here.


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