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What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a process that allows users to securely authenticate and access multiple applications using one set of login credentials. You may have already experienced an SSO system when using popular applications such as Instagram, Salesforce, or when logging into another application using Gmail. SSO provides companies with more efficiency, reduces costs, and reduces time spent on managing employee credentials.

How Does It Work?

  1. The website checks if you have already been authorized.
  2. If not, you will be prompted to login by the SSO with your credentials
  3. The SSO system verifies your identity to proceed with access
  4. Once authenticated, you return to the website logged into the paired account

Benefits of Single Sign-On

Less Usernames and Passwords

With the increasing rate of enterprises moving to the cloud, most employees require the use of multiple applications in the workplace. SSO gives the availability for employees to use only 1 username and password, instead of having to log in and out of a multitude of applications and websites.


Generally, employees use the same password for every platform which can cause an issue when a hacker gets ahold of one of their credentials on a weak secured website. SSO removes this issue in its entirety which can also help with policies and compliances such as HIPAA by using a centralized database.


Since there is only one set of login credentials, this allows companies the ability to have more detailed user tracking and management. Reducing IT costs and time, password resets, user creation, deletion and updates can be done at a faster rate when managing a single employee on multiple applications and websites.

Centralized Database

The issue the SSO solves between different applications and websites is the security policy enforced (same origin policy) that cookies and local stored data can only be accessed by its creator. Basically, different domains cannot access another domain’s cookies. The central database allows the ability to share session information with the right authentication. SSO allows already logged-in users from one domain to also move to another website and already be logged-in to that domain.


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