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Storage Quota Notification: Remedial action

A storage quota notification appears when a user has surpassed their allocated storage resources provided by the admin, or when a user attempts to upload into the root directory without proper access or permission.

User storage quota exceeded

If the user tries to upload into the root directory, the user will get an error and the admin will receive an email as per below.

Type of notification Example
User browser error notification
Admin email Storage Quota Notification

Errors when uploading files

A user is experiencing errors when uploading files. This may be due to account restrictions because of quotas or permissions on the user. When a user exceeds a storage or bandwidth quota, or does not have the correct permissions on a folder, the user will not be able to upload successfully. There are several quotas the admin must take into consideration when a user receives an error when uploading files.

  1. User storage or bandwidth quotas
  2. Group storage or bandwidth quotas
  3. Account storage or bandwidth quotas

The solution would be to increase, remove or change permissions or quota limits to allow this user to upload again. As the admin you should receive an email if either of the quotas have been exceeded by a user:

  • E.G.

Alternatively a user may not be receiving an error due to improper permissions on a folder. If a user was given read permission but not write permission, you’ll have to change access on the folder to allow write access.

Step Example/Illustration
Change the user’s permissions on the folder.
Change the user’s storage or bandwidth quotas.

Remedial Action:

  1. Make sure that the user is uploading into a default folder.
  2. Validate that the user is not uploading more than their quota.
  3. If you’ve reached your account limits you’ll have to upgrade to another account bundle.

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