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Take advantage of Hosted FTP’s global speed relay system in the AWS Cloud and connect with multiple branches, clients, and business partners around the world in one infrastructure. Encrypt and protect important files between business partners and clients with our gold standard security model. Use secure FTPS and SFTP protocols as the data transfer solution for technology and software companies.

The Challenge

Tech companies require to transfer data for every part of the business. From creating products and services and communicating with clients, information must be kept protected throughout the entire transfer process. A data storage infrastructure using hardware can be very expensive so using Cloud would remove any physical issues and staff. Companies also need the ability to grant restricted access to certain files and folders only meant to share with specific business partners and clients.

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Benefits of FTPS, SFTP for the Technology Industry

Restricted, Shared, Authorized Access to Folder(s)

Connect clients and business partners over FTPS, SFTP and easily setup individual access privileges for the specific folder(s) and its contents. Learn more about how to set up a restricted folder. >

Customize Every User Settings Differently

Manage the restrictions you place on every individual user in your FTP server differently. Whether they are employees or business partners, set usage quotas, download/upload restrictions, viewing rights, and more based on every use case. You can integrate more security features for each different user such as: restricting only FTPS/SFTP connections, IP whitelisting, PKI keys, and password complexity.

Real-time Notifications

Receive immediate notifications when a user uploads or downloads a file in FTPS or SFTP. Also, provide your user with a notification when files are transferred into your SFTP server. Learn more about how to add email notifications to a folder. >

Public Links

Using Hosted FTP’s public link feature, you can select certain files and folders to share publicly. Provide URLs to 3rd parties to download documents without needing login credentials to your SFTP server. This can be used for customers who need to update their older versions of products, etc. Learn more about the public link feature. >


Hosted FTP takes a step further and adds layers of security and encryption to your data storage and file transfers. Over FTPS and SFTP, files are encrypted with 256 bit AES encrypted in transit, on arrival and at rest. Keep your PII from clients, and confidential data secure in your SFTP server. Take advantage of Hosted FTP’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) integration and put your data infrastructure in the Cloud. Learn more about our “Best of Breed” security model. >

Are you Ready?

Join thousands of enterprises today who have integrated into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud seamlessly with Hosted FTP. Book a webinar and one of our consultants can help you set-up a trial SFTP account based on your use case(s).

You can also call us at 1-855-888-4387 (Toll Free), 1-416-532-4387 (Intl), or email: support@hostedftp.com for any inquiries.

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