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Troubleshooting FTP/SFTP client connection problems

For HostedFTP to assist in troubleshooting FTP client connection problems i.e. FileZilla, Cyberduck or automated system access, please provide the following info and send an email to support@hostedftp.com from your admin email.

Information to be gathered and sent to support@hostedftp.com

1- Shared folder/file access problems

  1. What is the username(s) that is having problems
  2. Can the user see the shared arrow (see below) and the files in the folder (red arrows means shared with you, green arrow means that you shared with someone)
    Troubleshooting FTP client connection problems
  3. What is the folder name they are trying to access (if relevant)
  4. What is the filename and size

2- FTP Client login Access

  1. System or FTP client
  2. Protocol: SFTP, FTPS, FTP standard
  3. Hostname:
  4. username:
  5. are they logging in and sendng multiple files by a system at the same time. If so they may have a login rate max reset timeout for 10 minutes if exceeded

3- Options on their user profile accessed by the HostedFTP admin

  1. Do they have a default directory set in the options
  2. Do they have SFTP/FTPS enforced
  3. Do they have any quotas set for storage or bandwidth

4- Errors/behaviour

  1. what errors are they receiving
  2. can you/they log in with a browser and the same credentials
  3. are there any screenshots that can be forwarded

5- Upload/download problems

  1. Is the size of the file greater than the max file size for your account bundle i.e. 5 GB for Personal, 10 GB fr Group, 40 GB for Enterprise, 100 GB ET2
  2. Indicate to support if you are using a browser or FTP client
  3. What is the username/email you are logging in with
  4. Are you uploading a single file or a folder with files
  5. If a folder with files what is the size of all the folders/files
  6. Is your account in read-only status due to account payment arrears

FTP client connection problems are a common issue and can have many alternative solutions and core reasons for occurring in the first place. Providing the information listed above will help our support team solve your FTP client connection problems within a prompt and timely matter.

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