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Uploading Files with a Web Browser

The simplest method of uploading files is using Hosted~FTP~’s web browser interface. Without using any 3rd party applications, you can upload files up to your account’s bundle (see here for limits) on any device that has web browser access. All files are uploaded by the secure HTTPS protocol.

1. Log in to your account and click on the Files tab  
2. Select the folder you want to upload to the file into.

By default, the / folder is selected unless changed in user settings.

3. Click the Upload button that appears on the very right  
4. A pop-up window will show your folder destination, and below it, click Choose File/Browse and select your files to upload or simply drag your files into the drag & drop box.

Click Upload to finish uploading your files into the folder.

You have now uploaded a file to your FTP using Hosted~FTP~’s web browser interface.

Alternative Uploading Methods

Use an FTP client:

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