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Using Groups

Using groups is a construct that allows you to control the management and storage/bandwidth allocation of a community of users. Groups are typically used to control resources assigned to departments, projects, cost centers, etc, in an organization. Group admins are assigned to manage the workspace and add users/usernames to that group. A summary of the group admin responsibilities include:

  • invite/delete users to/from the group
  • assign storage quota to users
  • login to user accounts to manage their workspace

The Hosted FTP account administrator or operational administrator can delegate user management responsibilities by setting up multiple groups with different group administrators. A group can also be assigned a storage quota. This provides an easy way to manage storage consumption and help manage costs.

Best Practices for Setting Group Quotas

A basic use case is to set a storage quota at the group level. The table below illustrates where the group admin has a storage and bandwidth quota of 20 and 80 GB respectively and each of the five group users has a storage and bandwidth quota of 6 and 24 GB. This type of allocation ensures that no single individual can exceed the specified amount which is under the control of the group admin and that the group cannot exceed the limits set by the operations or account admin. This provides for a hierarchy of quota allocation. In other words, the operations admin can set the group quotas and the group admin can set the group user’s quotas.

Using Groups

Group Admin Notifications

Any time a user exceeds their storage or bandwidth quota, the Group Admin will receive an email notification.

Email Notification

Create a Group Admin User

1. Go to the “Users” tab and click “Add username” located on the right-hand menu.
New User
2. Setup and configure your group admin.

Group Admin

3. While still in the “Users” tab, click the “Group” link to create a group.
Using Groups
4. Now click “Add” on the right-hand menu to create a new group.
Add Group
5. Setup your group name, storage and bandwidth quota and use the drop down menu to select the Group Admin from the list.
New Group


Adding Users to a Group

1. While logged in as the Admin, go to the “Users” tab and select the Group Admin from the list.
Logging in as a User
Step 2: Now that you can view the Group Admin’s credentials, click “Login” located beside the Group Admin’s username.
Logging in as a User
Step 3: Now use your Admin password to log in as a proxy for the Group Admin.
Step 4: Create a new user. The user will automatically be assigned underneath the Group Admin. In addition, you can set the storage and bandwidth quota for this user thus limiting the number of resources this user can occupy in the group.

New Group User

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