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Using the Plugin to Add File Upload to Your Website

One of Hosted~FTP~’s features is the Plugin function that allows any recipient who was given the plugin URL or visits the embedded plugin on your website, to upload a file directly to your FTP server. For a quick-start on using the plugin, view our video tutorial or continue reading below:

  • The plugin is a way for people to send you files using Hosted~FTP~ without leaving your company website.
  • Customize the interface of the plugin with custom buttons, a greeting, subject fields and more to match your company.
  • Use the provided embed script to input into the code of your website.



Setting up the Plugin

To use the Plugin with your website, follow the instructions below:

  1. Upon logging into the Hosted~FTP~ web browser interface, click the “Plugin” tab > then click “Labels”.
  2. Enter your desired title, message, greeting, etc.
  3. Then click “Save”.


  1. Next, click “Customize”, and set: field parameters, security features, a usage quota, and redirect URLs.
  2. Going back to “Home” in the “Plugin” tab, click the “Open” button to show an example of your new plugin.

Provide the URL or Embed the Plugin

From the “Plugin” tab > under the “Home” section, there are 2 ways to share the plugin:

  1. Copy and paste the plugin URL to share with recipients.
  2. Copy and paste the HTML script to place it into your website’s code.
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