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Using WebDrive

Once your FTP site is connected to WebDrive, manage and move files with your familiar functions.

Locating your FTP drive

Locate your mapped local drive by going to “Windows Explorer” or a similar application on your device, and go to your drives. Your FTP site will have the letter that you assigned it upon setup in WebDrive.

webdrive as a disk drive

Transferring files

Move files from your local directory (your device) to your remote directory (your FTP site) with familiar drag and drop approach or Windows functions.  
Upon moving a file into the server acting as a local drive, the file will be duplicated and uploaded into your FTP site. This works the same way when moving a file from the FTP site to your device.  

Basic functions

You can use all your device(s) basic file managing functions as if it was another drive/folder.

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