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Web Plugin Tutorial

In this web plugin tutorial, learn how to use the web plugin feature with your use case.

What is Hosted~FTP~’s Web Plugin?

The web plugin is a browser-based feature that allows you to add file uploading to your website or to allow a recipient to send you files without needing login credentials. The web plugin can be embedded into any site and/or be used by URL access. Typically, the web plugin is used to add file upload from your website to your remote site. Click here to learn more about the Plugin Tab. To use and configure the web plugin, follow the instructions below:

Enabling and Customizing the Web Plugin:

  1. Go the Plugin Tab and start by checking “Active” underneath the options and save.
  2. Click the Labels link and fill in the appropriate fields and save.
  3. Click the Customize link and fill in the appropriate fields and save.
  4. Review and enable the security features and redirect links appropriate to your use case.
    For more information on labels, customization and security features click here.
  5. Save.

Using the Web Plugin to Add File Uploads to Your Site:

  1. Enable, setup and configure the Web Plugin.
  2. In the Home link, copy the auto-generated URL.
  3. In your web sites back end, embed the link into your site.

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